Extract The Root • Permanently Removing The Weed

The Weed Ninja Extractor incorporates innovative design and amazing ergonomics to help you remove invasive plants from your lawn and garden without straining nor harsh chemical herbicides. The Weed Ninja Extractor is designed to help you remove weeds and their roots without sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending.

Just place the head over a weed, step down on the foot platform, the stainless-steel corer inserts with ease killing the root not your lawn. Clean-up is quick and easy, just push down on the spring-loaded eject mechanism and out shoots the cored root.


Stainless Steel Cutter
with easy core ejection


  • Ideal for permanently removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds without multiple applications of harsh, costly herbicide
  • Excels in all types of soil: dry, soaked, compacted, sandy
  • Precision weed extractor saves your lawn by removing up to 80% less surrounding area
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • At 40″ long, it is the perfect height to eliminate sore knees from kneeling and back aches from bending and stooping
  • Spring-loaded eject mechanism clears the head pushing out the cored root for easy disposal
  • Foot platform makes steeping down easy to step down maximizing the penetrating force into hard and tough soil
  • Ergonomic handle design helps keep your wrist in a neutral position for more comfortable use
  • Sturdy steel shaft provides long lasting lasting value



Comfort Grip

1″ Diameter

Perfect Length


Designed in Canada
by Canadians
for a Canadian Company.

5-year warranty

against defects in material
and workmanship from the
date of purchase, subject
to normal residential use.

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